What We Do, How We Look, What We Say, and How We Say It

We are judged whether we like it or not. What we wear, say and do matters. All that we do should reflect kindness, compassion, consideration, and reliability. Being presentable and groomed displays your self-respect as well as regard for the people around you. Sorry, thank you and please should be a part of one's everyday vocabulary, whether spoken or written, to show that you aren't an entitled bastard. 


How is it that we live each day without being terrified of death? Most of the time, we have known it to be disease-ridden or at least painful in some way. Yet, the mind is so at ease going on each day without thinking all too much about how/when/where we are going to die. In spite of the fact that many of our loved ones die, we move on; forget their pain and existence with each passing day. The brilliance of how our brain forgets to remember our own mortality astounds me.