Live as if you were to die tomorrow

By Anceeta Martis - September 29, 2020

I have saved so much by not eating out and travelling this year that I might just commit to becoming a hermit. The minute I step out, I'm literally spending money (the car needs fuel to move and fuel costs money). And one of the biggest expenses we have is rent but we were hardly ever home before. Don't you feel like you actually used your home this year and the rent was worth it? 

Summers in Arabia were usually so hot that I used to curse the desert I was living in. This year, it was different. I was hardly out during the day and that made the hottest summer, in more than a 100 years, seem actually pleasant. Am I turning into a Pollyanna? MAYBE. 

Has the pandemic been bad for me? Nope. I've started to cook more at home, read more than ever and watched the world do stupid things on my phone while enjoying a glass of wine/cup of tea (depending on the time). I think I am finally getting the peace of mind I have been missing all these years. 

Related: I am also wondering if I am turning into a sociopath. There is very little that upsets me and when it does, I seem to bounce back sooner than I would pre pandemic. 

Unfortunately, the disease of the rich has spread to the poor but I am still optimistic. Anyone who is dying because of it, I say natural selection. And we are all meant to die one day or another. The pandemic has just reminded us of our mortality. 

Up until this year, we focused so much on materialism and consuming. We wanted more, more, more of everything. We didn't appreciate the things, people, relationships, pets, and other joys in our lives. Instead we were busy, tired, stressed, frustrated and always on some screen getting the next fix for our addicted brains. Since March, I think since we have all finished watching everything on Netflix and every other social media available, we can now see that there is nothing more to life than the simple joys we experience everyday. 

I advise you to do something I have always done: live everyday as if it were your last without regrets. Would you still be doing what you are doing right now if you knew that you were dying tomorrow? 

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