India's Answer to Everything is Rape

By Anceeta Martis - July 17, 2020

Recently a video was unearthed of a comedian in India from a year or so ago. In that, the comic Agrima Joshua, makes fun of the people on Quora about their discussion on a statue being built in Bombay (I refuse to call it Mumbai, you can kiss my ass) of one of the rulers of that area from the 1600s. 

The Indian idiots, uneducated and pathetic as they are, vandalised the venue where the act was performed years ago and started harassing this woman online by sending her rape and death threats. All because they thought she was making fun of their king (India is currently a democracy and nobody actually knows what happened 500 years ago but still these people would rather worship a dead person than take a joke) without understanding what her act was not about the old ruler after all. 

I have no words to describe the rape threats she received. Of men threatening to rape her and her mother so brutally that their penis comes out through her mouth all while claiming that he respects women. Firstly, as serious as this issue is and how disgusted I was, the person making this threat looked like he had a two inch penis while it was erect. Like really. Shubham Mishra looks like he has the tiniest dick in the world. And him making that kind of claim is just preposterous. 

Apart from the weirdness of that image, I wondered what exactly is happening in India? While claiming to be the largest democracy, secular and tolerant, there is such a tight censorship on speech that uneducated people who do not understand what others are saying get to shut them up by threatening violence. This person, Mishra, is not just some person off the road. He is an “influencer” with over 300K followers on YouTube. Who the fuck are the morons following this guy who makes a living out of saying the most atrocious things and speaking in the cheapest/foulest language possible? 

It is not growth and becoming modern when we value the dead more than the living and argue before understanding what someone else was saying. What’s even more surprising is that women agree with these men than other women. They call dead rulers “father of our state” while a living sister in their state is being sent death threats. 

The worst part about all of this? ALL the foul language refers to women and women’s bodies. Everywhere. 

I honestly did not want to write this post because I was speechless. But here we are.

Umesh Dada threatens rape 

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