Weddings With Cruelty

By Anceeta Martis - October 30, 2019

One of the most disturbing things I witnessed was at a wedding this January.

We had travelled from Bahrain to India for a three day bash with the engagement party, bridal shower and the wedding along with the reception. The atrocity I witnessed was on the day of the bridal shower.

Bridal showers are called "roce" where I come from. The ceremony includes all the female relatives of the bride extracting milk from coconuts which is then applied to the bride's hair, face and limbs. Once everyone has applied the coconut milk, she goes to take a shower, changes her outfit and the guests party the night away.

In the olden days, since people were poor to hold parties, relatives of the bride contributed to the party by bringing various groceries from their homes as a gift to the bride's family so they could use the groceries for the meal at the bridal shower. There is no need to do any of that now because if you have the money to pay for lighting, decoration, photographer and a DJ, you definitely have money to pay for catering and feel the guests. The bringing of gifts is now just a formality.

Unfortunately, people don't have the brain capacity to understand this. Guess what the people in my village bring as a grocery item for the bride? A live pig, tied upside down on a stick, carried by two men. Never have I ever been more upset at a function than this time.

I cannot even begin to describe how inhumane it is to do this to a pig for fun. For the show. They did not kill the pig or roast it (which even if they had, the animal shouldn't be scared and tortured beforehand but rather a quick, painless death) but they brought it just because it would look good in photos. I don't understand how we can still use animals for our amusement. This is 2019 and everyone is an informed, educated individual with a smartphone in their hand and yet we behave as people did 300 years ago!

And the worst part is that people I know, in my village or in life in general, are like sheep and they will do things just because their neighbour or friend or brother's wife did it. I don't think anyone thinks this through or questions at all and instead just follow the norm even if it's wrong. I ask you, is this how a progressing society will function?

Now, I understand that I am a meat eater and I should not be preaching how cruel this is when I consume chicken, beef, mutton and pork. I do not mind if animals are killed in a humane and quick manner for consumption but I will never be okay with cruelty towards animals for a party. Even if they did want to roast a pig at the bridal shower, the right thing would have been to kill the animal quickly at the butchery instead of torturing the poor beast in this manner.

Humans really are the most cruel of species who have no limit on their cruelty. There is another wedding in India I am attending and I'm terrified of what I will witness there.

I implore you, dear reader, that before you do something, please ask yourself whether it is kind and necessary.

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