Speak Up

By Anceeta Martis - October 17, 2019

For others. For the society. For animals who can't speak for themselves. For yourself.

The world is run by bullies. Whether it is the media or your government, that lady at the supermarket who does not treat you well, your sister who makes snarky remarks every time she meets you or your husband who thinks you aren't as smart as he is, there is someone around the corner to put a dent in your day.

Our usual response is to not confront because you do not want to make a scene. You are like the Englishman whose only dream is to die without embarrassing himself. But that is not how your life or your world is going to improve. It can be scary to send that dish back because it's not what you ordered or it has tomatoes when you specifically said no tomatoes but it's even worse to not enjoy a meal when you have paid for it in time and money. Once you do it, you'll realise that there is nothing to be frightened of and it won't be that hard the next time.

Sometimes you might be met with aggression but if you are in the right, there is no need to back down. Fight fire with fire as long as you retain your composure and dignity. Make your point assertively without resorting to name calling, cursing or violence.

Another side of this coin is to ask for what you want. The other person does not know what you need and they may have a million things up on their mind. Do not expect your family, husband, wife, friends or employers to know that you need love, affection, respect or a raise. If you want something, make it clear and ask for it. Even god who is supposed to be omniscient requires you to pray to it for things to be granted. (I'm still atheist but more on that later.)

Change happens when we speak up against the bad and for the good. And remember that those who witness a crime and do not speak up against it are equally guilty as the criminal.

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