Kids Are A Huge Part of My Existential Crisis

By Anceeta Martis - October 20, 2019

I have been having sort of an existential crisis lately. You may call it a quarter life crisis since I am 25. My big question is...

Why should we continue the human species?

I am wondering what is the purpose of living and apart from the fact that nobody would be willing, why we shouldn't all just commit mass suicide.

Think of it this way: we all have to die. There is no use of all the working and fighting and wars and hustling we do everyday since the end is very definite. Yet we live each day as if death is a myth. What is the purpose of all this struggle? To lead a better life? And then what? Do you get to enjoy it forever? No. There is no difference in the grand scale of things in the universe between the life of a beggar and the life of a billionaire. Both can be affected by mental and physical illness, both experience sadness and misery and both have to die one day.

Knowing all of this, why do people procreate? I find it completely selfish to bring lives into the world who did not ask to be born so that they too can have a few years of pointless living before they perish.

While this might seem cynical and dark, you know I am making a good point here. People say being parents is the highest form of love they have experienced but who can prove that? Have parents had time to devote it towards other activities to compare? I feel like that's such a condescending thing to say. To think that charity work or volunteering does not bring as much happiness. In my opinion, parenting is one of the most stressful parts of life. The pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleep training, teething, terrible twos, tantrums, potty training, schooling, teenage and college can drain the life out of parents. This is without the mention of illness. Have you seen new parents when their child has a fever? Heck, even experienced parents panic at the feel of temperature. Also let's not get into it if the child is disabled or mentally handicapped. And the money it takes to raise them for 22 years (divorce not included)!

So knowing all of this, why do we continue to birth things? Are we such victims to our biology that we cannot stop ourselves like animals?

Do yourselves and the world a favour: stop bringing more people into this madness just to have them die in a few years. It's not worth it.

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