Gandhi Was a Sexual Predator

By Anceeta Martis - October 21, 2019

While the world seems to place him next to god and proclaims how great, humble and honest he was, I find Gandhi revolting.

When he left his father's deathbed to go and have sex with his wife, during which his father died in the other room, Gandhi felt so guilty that he vowed to practice celibacy. Now, I would have no issue with him if he followed this to the t and that was it. But the issue begins when he starts to "experiment" with celibacy (if interested, read his autobiography My Experiments with Truth).

This old, old man begins to sleep naked with young girls from his ashram under the guise of testing his will power and celibacy. He was experimenting with the physical and biological part of his being using women as objects all long. These girls were young and sometimes related to him (famously his grand-niece, Manu Gandhi). He asked for massages from these girls when he had nothing to even cover his genitals and the girls were completely naked too. Who's to say that there weren't instances where his will power was lacking and that he didn't rape one or all these girls? Who's to say that he did not touch them inappropriately to take his experiments to the next level?

Does this remind you of something else? The infamous Nithyananda Swami who also used the women who went to his ashram to satisfy his sexual needs and countless other people who run ashrams and take advantage of the naivety of women and children. Obviously, this does not only affect those who go to ashrams. If you have heard the word 'priest', there is something about a alter boy or choir boy being harassed. But I digress.

My issue currently is that even with all this information being very widely available and everybody talking about sexual abuse so openly, we still revere this man as if he is anything more than a sexual predator. Let's not mention other issues that he has created or how he just happened to be at the right place at the right time during Indian independence. When concerned people brought up his sexual perversions, he did not heed anyone who was advising him against this at the time. He is the Father of the Nation for India and this was his legacy - sexual abuse and possibly rape.

Women were treats as objects to experiment on by him and that's how women are still being treated in India. He ill treated his wife and abused innocents and yet everyone to this day looks the other way. This is how India is today as well. Women are hurt, abused, killed and yet society has nothing to say.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." I think he was just telling us that he wished all of us used young women to try out our sexual fetishes on. Carry on, then.

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