Equality versus Justice

By Anceeta Martis - October 27, 2019

People who post this image or talk along the same lines infuriate me. Mostly because they post this thinking this is something that they woo would like because obviously see yourself as the short guy. You were not born into a wealthy family, did not have the best education money has to offer, did not find your sweetheart at the age of 21 etc. So of course, you need to receive more from life than the other person to make up! 

But think from the other perspective. For example: a disabled person, an old, retired individual, a single mom and you (a single, childless person) are all working together in the same company and same department. You all have the same job and same hours. Don't you think if "justice" came into play, all these people should get more salary than you? A disabled person and older individuals have medical bills to pay, a single mother has to fend for herself and her kids alone while you don't have those issues or responsibilities. 

Won't you feel slighted at the fact that you do the same amount of work as they do but receive less money for it? If you wanted justice in life, this is what it would be. If everyone got the same amount of money for the same work, regardless of their needs and wants, it would be equality. 

Do you still want justice?

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