Are Bloggers Ruining the Society?

By Anceeta Martis - October 16, 2019

I have been watching vlogs and blogs grow since 2011. There are some such as Cup of Jo that I simply love since the beginning (I read Joanna's posts on the Glamour website and followed her to her personal blog) and then there are those I have begun to hate.

The blogs that I continue to read are those that never lost their authenticity. Their content is curated carefully keeping their audience in mind while also is an effort to better the world. The topics discussed are health, environment, relationships, food, beauty, and books. It is also a pleasure to read the comments on such posts because it can be a source of validation or even creation of a like minded community.

Then there are those blogs that as the time went by just lost their way. They have become commercialised to the extent of having only advertisements now. Vloggers such as Zoella who made a huge amount of money with her cutesy tutorials, products and books have lost their lustre from lack of substance. When these bloggers started out they were between the ages of 16-20 and instead of adapting to their age as they grew up, they kept on doing the same kind of posts that brought in their initial fame. They forget that their loyal fans have grown up along with them and the issues that they now face are not just which drugstore mascara is the best but also how to deal with depression and marrying into a blended family. On the other hand, if they are trying to attract teenagers, again they are making an error as no teen wants to listen to an almost 30 year old woman for her beauty advice.

Another reason I have come to detest most bloggers is how much they love stuff. Unboxing Fridays of Amelia Liana are something to watch if you want to look in the eye of consumerism. The absolute worst thing these people are doing is driving young women to spend on fast fashion and to never stop buying which keeps the women feeling ungrateful for what they have and unsatisfied with their life. The message that these young women are giving out is so detrimental to the health and well being of the youth of today who aren't getting paid enough as it is, while being encouraged to be greedy, never satisfied consumers who just buy, buy, buy. All these bloggers are given this stuff for free. Their vacations, spa appointments, lunches, clothes, makeup, gym memberships, and scents are paid for by these companies who know that you will want that same life and shell out your hard-earned pittance towards these unwanted items that will end up gathering dust in some corner of your house.

Do we really need 50 pairs of shoes and 30 pairs of jeans? I don't think so. One never has to deal with clutter if they just don't bring it in through the door. Marie Kondo is famous because we are all up to the neck in our unnecessary "stuff". Re-wear, reuse and repair the things you have and do not add to the landfills of the world. Remember that all that stuff around you used to be money.

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