Arab Women Are Bad Drivers

By Anceeta Martis - October 10, 2019

Road rage and I are very old friends. If it's not trucks changing lanes without looking, it's the lorries who try to overtake other lorries and if it's not a man on the phone, it's a lady who tries to drive while simultaneously using Snapchat.

Bad driving especially among the female population is something that is understood to be a problem and women are not ashamed to admit that they're "the worst driver you'd meet". Seriously. I once saw a Twitter bio of a local woman who said this like a badge of honour.

I suffer from severe road rage against these imbeciles. They use the left (overtaking) lane to drive AT the speed limit and refuse to move when a faster vehicle wants to go. No amount of high-beam or even rudely honking at them gets them out of the way. This leads to them forcing 20 other vehicles drive behind them at whatever speed they are at. This is not just supremely annoying to the drivers behind them, but it is also hazardous to everyone! When you undertake them because you just can't take it anymore, they make angry gestures at you for disturbing them with high-beam and honks!

When I confronted a colleague who was doing this, she claimed that she was not doing anything wrong since she was at the speed limit of that road. And if I wanted to go faster than that, I was in the wrong. Not only did it make me want to strangle her but it made me rethink the decision of letting Saudi Arabian women finally drive.

Every time we see sub-standard driving, we know it's a "bitch" behind the wheel. I mean she's either on the phone, fixing her scarf, drinking her Starbucks coffee or just being a bimbo. Once we confirm it's a woman, we go, "Ahh, it's a bitch".

As a feminist, I am all for gender equality. But some women make me ashamed of my own gender with their self-entitlement, selfishness and stupidity. Don't these women feel bad that they are holding up about two dozen other strangers behind them due to their inconsiderate nature?

So, I implore you, dear reader, that you drive in the lane that is at the same speed as you are so all of us can have a nice commute without the added anger. 

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