My Issue with the Modi Government

By Anceeta Martis - October 13, 2019

Let me first start off by removing any doubt that I am supporting any political party because I do not want to argue about that. I hate all politicians equally but not more than I hate lies. 

The reason I do not like Dubai is because they have survived due to great marketing and not substance and that I feel is what Modi is doing for in India. I don't know the rest of the BJP or whatever supporters he has but his current government basically is just that - fluff without substance. 

I hear a lot of noise about him either for or against and I never really paid attention. I do know the history of Gujarat riots, his silence on women's issues and the plight of the poor. Again, I did not pass comments as I didn't really do my research. What sparked my curiosity was this article on Financial Times which states that all Indian villages have electricity. Many headlines say that India is "100% electrified"!

While this is indeed great news when you hear it and you'd obviously want to support this government for attaining this almost impossible feat, it took a little bit of digging to get the raw facts on this.  

Firstly, the definition of electrification of a village is that "at least 10% households in the village should have electricity" which is bullshit. That's like saying, if 1 out of the 10 people have cars, then all of them have cars. This is how my simple mind translated this definition. 

When Modi came to power, there were less than 19K villages that needed electricity, the rest were done by the previous governments. He completed the project (at a slower pace than other governments, might I add) and then claimed all glory for it (forgetting the work done by previous governments). 

If you bake a four tiered cake and leave me to arrange the cherries on the top, I cannot take the glory for baking the entire cake, can I? But that's exactly what Modi did. 

About 17% of households in India are still in the dark. This completely shatters the headline "100% electrification" (which technically means every household having electricity). 

"In 1947, during the time of Independence, only 1,500 of India’s villages were electrified.
Between 2005 and 2014, the UPA-I and UPA-II governments connected over 1,082,280 villages to the grid and connections were provided to over 20 million households, out of which 19 million were given free connections.

When the Modi government announced its new rural electrification scheme, only 18,452 villages did not have power supply.

This meant that on average, the UPA electrified 12,030 villages per year while the Modi government electrified 4,842. Granted, most of the 18,000 odd villages the current administration had to tackle are in far-flung areas and remote locations, making its task doubly harder." - Source

What bothers me immensely is not the fact that a politician is trying to be a good marketeer. It's his job after all. It's the crazy fanatics he has following him who do not want to see him for what he is. 

Also, who has statistics on how many hours a day do these 10% or so people get electricity? Some of them get it for less than 8 hours a day and yet they are still considered electrified? 

As a villager and having grandparents who were farmers, I honestly do not care about the overall GDP and the mysterious "growth" of the country because it doesn't really benefit anyone at the grass-root level. What I do care about is the price of commodities - fuel, for instance, standard of living of all (access to good health clinics, better education, etc), jobs for the locals etc. While I have not seen any improvement even in the previous governments, at least I didn't hear bogus claims from them either. 

Modi government has claimed a lot of things yet I see no difference made in the life of the common man. Which is where my issue lies. 

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  1. Very true what you mentioned, Anceeta.

  2. You claim you are impartial look equally, hate equally all politicians, This means can't able differentiate between cattle hered which include different level milk yielding buffaloes, one trait you actually must be ashamed of but can't boast of.

    you hate of Modi and love of Khangrass is clearly visible in you equalising the effort needed to electrify last batch of villages, one student achieving 60% marks is done with good effort, nut to get to 80% he has to get that equal effort to reach the 20%, for another he has to put the total effort he put for 80% after that every 1% needs more and more effort. It make every wise man to understand how fool or rogue you are in criticizing the effort of Modi. then for the house holds are you expecting the every house to be given electricity freely installed and freely supplied without bills, you may have Ganga river near you, if you don't take water Ganga is useless for you. A batch of students may have a good teacher, But all will not get the same knowledge from him, if you are so much resources and have so much love on those who don't catch with development on every front, you are free to donate you money and resources and try for helping.

    1. Thank you for reading the article and taking time to comment. Unfortunately, personally attacking me for presenting my views does not redeem Modi's untrue marketing.


  3. Thats the beauty of our democracy.There are so many ingnorat people like you living abroad and passing judgement on government based on fake narratives.

    My view is first time dynasty government run by fake Gandhi's has been dethroned and real democracy has been established.Certainly opposition now don't have people support at home so they are busy selling fake narrative abroad to destabilize government.

    Have you even tried to understand that Mahatma Gandhi was no Mahatma (sane) but was marketed as "Father of Nation" to fool poor people. And then Nehru family used his surname (already marketed product) to rule country for last 70 years.People were delibaretly kept poor and uneducated to suite their vote bank agenda.If this is not marketing then I don't know what it is?

    Under present government, India forex reserves reached all time high of $513 bn.In this pedemic when all big oil economy like Saudis are crumbling,India is only country which jumped up the laddder from 9th to 5th spot in 3 months of lockdown.

    You can google it to enlighten urself:

    I agree we are not perfect democracy but neither is the United States.Understand the sheer size of India in terms of population.Its most challenging to govern as there will be challenges.You may agree/disagree on my views.But that's beauty of democracy of my country ����